March 2024 Update on Bernese Puppies

March 14, 2024
March 14, 2024 Bryan Striegler

March 2024 Update on Bernese Puppies

Hello everyone! I’m a little behind on updating things because I’ve been busy with my real job (, but here we are.

So back in October Emma had 8 puppies, and it was quite the story. That morning I had gone to do Crossfit and had left the dogs inside. When I got back the garage was opening slowly and that was kind of weird. When I got inside, that’s when I realized the power was off. I walked in the door and that’s when I realized something was wrong. I heard a puppy crying.

I ran toward the back using my phone’s light. Magically, the power came back on right when I got toward the back. The site shocked me. Blood was all over the ground and wall and one little puppy was crawling there and another was laying still inside the sack.

I desperately took the still puppy and pulled the sack off and got the fluid out. The puppy was already gone. It nearly broke my heart and I almost couldn’t handle it. The thing that kept me going was the other live puppy and the more to come. Emma was happy and running around, and I didn’t understand why she didn’t save the one puppy and why she wasn’t nursing the other. My best guess was it was a combination of the lights being off and that this was her first litter.

I immediately called my parents and the vet trying to figure out what I should be doing. It seemed like a lot of blood. Way more than I had seen at any other birth. My vet suggested I go to the emergency vet. My mom and aunt came over to help out. My mom stayed to clean while my aunt went with us to the emergency vet. We decided to put a diaper on Emma to try to limit the bleeding.

About 5 minutes into the trip, my aunt decided to take the diaper off. Good thing because another puppy came. Another 15 minutes into the drive, another puppy came. We showed up the emergency vet with three puppies.

They took all of them pretty quickly and we had to wait. Eventually they brought me into a room where they had Emma. I sat on the floor with her while she birthed 4 more puppies. All were healthy and everything was fine.

The puppies were a blessing and all went home to their new families right before Christmas. Some were in Central Arkansas, one went to Houston, another to Dallas, and one even went to California!

A few days ago, Emma started spotting again. I was really confused because it seemed like we just had the puppies leave. Then, I did the math and yes, it’s about that time again for her to go into heat. I haven’t decided if I will let them breed again or not this time. The funny thing is even if I say no, Finn seems to find his way past all of my protection.

With that said, I’ll know in the next week or so if we will be having puppies soon. If we do, they will be born around May and ready to gone home in July. If you’re interested, feel free to reach out.