Available Bernese Puppies

My intention is to raise healthy and happy dogs, and with that in mind, I don’t want to have too many litters and strain my female. My goal is to have puppies once every 12-16 months.

Available Bernese Puppies

Emma had 12 puppies on May 25th, 7 boys and 5 girls. Taking deposits now. I will update with photos soon.

The Girls

Sunny (yellow)-Not Available

Hazel (teal)- Not Available

Emmie (purple)- Not Available

Phoebe (light purple)- Not Available

Sally (light blue)- Not Available

The Boys

JC (tan)

Baron (red)- Not Available

Jake (orange)

Ferb (green)- Not Available

Marshmallow (grey)- Not Available

Simon (brown)- Not Available

DK (Blue)- Not Available

Past Bernese Puppies

We love seeing our puppies grow up and all the adventures they go on. Here are a few photos of past puppies and where they are now.