September 10, 2020 Bryan Striegler

Choosing A Bernese Mountain Dog

Life is really funny. Things will often happen, and when you go and look back at how it all came about, you are really surprised that it went that way. That’s exactly what happened when we chose to get a Bernese Mountain Dog.

This was back in August of 2018. We had just lost our basset hound, Beasley, and I was feeling really down. I had a dog the last 13 years or so, and most of my childhood as well. I know I wanted another dog.

Christmas photo with basset hound

My wife said it was ok, but she was interested in a breed that didn’t shed. Our previous dogs didn’t shed that much, but it was something she was wanting to avoid.

I instantly started doing my research. There were some different breeds that didn’t shed, but the main thing that kept popping back up was dogs mixed with poodles. I didn’t have anything against Labradoodles or Goldendoodles, but it just wasn’t what I was looking for.

I ended up finding Bernedoodles. They had the interesting hair, but they had different colors and a different look than other doodles. They seemed pretty awesome!

Then, I saw the cost. Most Bernedoodles were around $3500 or more, and it was really hard to even find them.

At some point in this whole thing, I started looking at the other half of Bernedoodle, the Bernese Mountain Dog. I think my wife and I had randomly seen one before in a dog book, and we thought they were cute.

Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy Coming home

I kept looking and looking, without any real goal in mind. Eventually, I got to the point where I had decided I wanted a Bernese Mountain Dog without even knowing it.

The funny thing about it all is that I started searching for a new dog and the one restriction was that it didn’t shed, but I ended up with a dog that sheds gigantic chunks! Yes, the hair can get annoying, but we gained so much. I think my wife has even been won over by our furry dog!

Finn the Bernese Mountain Dog

Choosing a Bernese Mountain Dog was a weird journey, but it has been a real blessing. Our dog Finn is one of the sweetest, happiest dogs I’ve ever had. He is full of energy, extremely intelligent, and so, so so devoted and loyal. If you are looking for a new pup, I highly suggest looking into the Bernese Mountain Dog!