Bernese Puppies Update

June 25, 2024
June 25, 2024 Bryan Striegler

Bernese Puppies Update

The Bernese puppies are 4 weeks now, and we are loving them so much. It’s crazy how they go from blind little creatures that can’t even move to running around and playing in such a short amount of time. Their personalities are really starting to show.

12 Bernese puppies is quite a bit, but we still have several that are already claimed. Two girls were claimed within a few days, and then we had another family come a few days ago. That’s three girls claimed and only two left. As far as the boys go, two for sure are claimed with several others lined up. I feel like we will have the majority of them sold right when it’s time for them to go home.

pile of Bernese puppies

As far as the puppies go, there isn’t a huge difference between most of them. The markings look pretty similar on them and personalities are pretty similar. The only big difference is the size. We’ve got some really big ones and we’ve got two smaller boys. I was a little concerned about one of them, but we’ve been giving him extra feeding time, and he is doing much better. Still, he is about half the size of the largest.

Bernese mountain dogs make great pups. Just look on Instagram and you’ll find plenty of videos of their loving and goofy personalities. If you are interested in a Bernese puppy, just reach out and let me know.