Bernese Mountain Dog puppies Born on Saturday

May 28, 2024
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May 28, 2024 Bryan Striegler

Bernese Mountain Dog puppies Born on Saturday

close up of Bernese Mountain Dog puppy

It has been a crazy few days around Northwest Arkansas for sure. For myself and for the people in the area. Saturday night a few cities got hit by tornadoes and lots of things were destroyed. The city is tough though and fighting to get things back up and running. Luckily for me, I live about 30 minutes south of where it all went down, especially because I was dealing with my own craziness.

Saturday morning around 7:30 Emma had her first puppy. I had made sure this time I had nothing going on, so I could be around to make sure things went smoothly. My daughter also came over the see the cuteness and help out.

close up of Bernese Mountain Dog puppy

The first four puppies were all males, so we were starting to wonder if we’d ever get a girl. Finally, the 5th puppy was a girl.

We had an interesting pattern going on there for a while. She’d have a puppy and then within 20 minutes have a second one, and then we’d go about two hours until the pattern repeated.

Bernese dad looking at puppies

When we got up to number 9, I really thought we were close to being done. Magically, a number 10 came. I think by this time it was 3 or 4 in the afternoon. Quite a long day already. I was still hanging out in the same room and checking on the puppies here and there. Then, I heard a weird noise. I ran over and yep, number 11 was there. This was somewhere around 6 or 7.

child holding two Bernese puppies

I went on about my business eating dinner and doing whatever I was doing. That’s when the crazy thing happened. I just so happened to walk over and check on the pups. That’s when I noticed something around her tail. Another puppy! The scary thing is she didn’t seem to notice, so the puppy was still in the sac. I quickly grabbed it and put it in her face. She quickly ate the sac and the puppy was out. It didn’t really move so I started to freak out and hold it in her face to lick. Finally, it started moving. I really don’t know if the puppy would have survived if I hadn’t seen it when I did. Thank goodness!

pile of Bernese puppies

Since then things have gone really well. 12 is a whole lot of puppies but they seem to all be getting fed and Emma is handling it well. We ended up with 7 boys and 5 girls, so it wasn’t as one sided as it started.

I’ll be updating our progress on Facebook and Instagram and these beautiful Bernese pups will be ready to go home around the end of July. If you’d like to reserve one, please reach out to me.