March 17, 2022 Bryan Striegler

Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies Available June 2022

Good morning everyone! I’m in a great mood. I’m happy to announce that will be having puppies soon!

Yesterday, I took Ellie to the vet for an ultrasound. She behaved so well. They had her on her back and shaved her stomach and she just chilled the whole time. After a few minutes of scanning and counting and recounting, we saw at least 7 puppies! I’m hoping there’s a surprise one hiding in there somewhere because my initial guess was 8.

I’ve explained the process before, but I wanted to make sure things were clear. I don’t do a waitlist. I don’t like people paying and then not knowing when they will get a puppy. For some, it can be really long wait. Instead, I take things as they come.

This means that when they puppies are born, and I know how many boys and girls, I will start taking deposits. Then, we will go in the order I receive them for picking puppies.

There are also a few questions and a quick phone call I do. I’ll start that about a week before the puppies are born. It’s extremely important to me that the puppies go to loving homes where they will be happy.

If you’re interested in a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, reach out. I can answer your questions and get you on my email list, so you will know as soon as I’m taking deposits.