July 14, 2022 Bryan Striegler

3 Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies Available

The last 4 months have really been crazy. Ellie got pregnant and just kept getting bigger and bigger. At one point, I took her to the emergency vet because I figured she had to be ready to give birth. They sent me away and she gave birth several days later on April 19th.

That whole birth was interesting. I found her on my bed and she had shredded my sheets. I knew from our past experience that met she was about to give birth. I managed to get her off my bad. A few minutes later the first Bernese Mountain Dog puppy came.

Throughout the afternoon and evening she kept having more. That night I went to bed with 8 Bernese puppies. The next morning I woke up and went in to count them to make sure she wasn’t on top of any of them. To my surprise and confusion, I got above 8. After several attempts, I realized we didn’t have 8 puppies, we had 11.

Raising 11 puppies was quite the ordeal. First off, Ellie could feed 8 at a time, so we had to work on rotating them out. Then there was just the amount of space they took up. We ended up using two pens. Ha, then remembering and telling them apart was interesting. We almost ran out of colors of collars.

Rainbow Dash

The Bernese Puppies started going to their homes around June 20th. We had several go that week, and they have slowly been finding homes since. We’ve got several in Central Arkansas, a few here in Northwest Arkansas, one in Kansas City, and one in St. Louis.

Pinkie Pie

Right now, we have 3 Bernese Mountain Dog puppies left, all girls. It’s been really strange going from 11 to 3, but it is much more manageable, and I love how they play together. Each girl is full of love and spunk. They enjoy running around after each other and wrestling over toys. They are all quick to give kisses and sleep near me during the day.


If you are interested in one of the three female Bernese puppies, fill out the form below to message me. They will make someone really happy.