April 20, 2022 Bryan Striegler

Ellie’s 2nd Litter of Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies

Life is always interesting, and this whole pregnancy has been one full of twists and turns for sure.

So, if you’ve kept up with our past, our first litter was on accident. We tried to keep Finn away from Ellie, but he managed to tie with her once. That one tie was enough to have 5 beautiful Bernese Mountain dog puppies.

When Ellie started her cycle this time, we knew we were wanting to have puppies. Her cycle was a bit confusing. She started bleeding, but then kind of stopped. Finn no had interest, and I was starting to get worried. Then, magically, he became very interested. He ended up tying up with her 5 times that I saw. This gave us a lot of hope for puppies.

At around 4 weeks, we took Ellie in to get scanned to confirm the pregnancy. It actually was a pretty easy process considering she was flipped on her back and shaved. They told us they saw 7 puppies, so we were pumped!

In my mind, I was thinking the whole pregnancy would last about 8 weeks. I don’t remember if that’s what it took last time or if I saw that number somewhere. Well, 8 weeks passed and nothing happened. I started getting a bit concerned on Monday. She was showing some signs of labor, but I kept waiting and no puppies. Around midnight, I took her to the emergency vet. They were nice enough to do a quick check and sent me home without having to spend $500 on scans.

Tuesday, I called my vet and they told me the same thing. I guess I was just a nervous parent. Throughout the day, Ellie was still showing some signs of labor. Around 3, I went back to my room, to tell her about food.

Ellie had magically gotten up on my bed in her state and destroyed my sheets. I got her off of the bed and two minutes later she had a puppy on the floor. Then, I managed to get her into the plastic kiddie pool. 30 minutes another puppy came. I went then went to get my kids from school and she had 3 more in like 45 minutes!

Things slowed down from there, and I went to bed around 10:45 and we had 8 healthy Bernese puppies. I slept on and off throughout the night, but it wasn’t bad.

This morning, I went in to check on them. I started counting just to make sure I could see all of them. 8, 9, 10, 11???? I counted like 3 times. At some point throughout the night, she had 3 more pups!

I don’t know where those other 4 were hiding during the scan, but I’m so happy that they were all delivered safely.

The Bernese Puppies will be ready to go home around the end of June. Right now, two are already taken. If you’d like to get a Bernese Mountain dog puppy, email me, and I’ll get yoj more info.