September 15, 2021 Bryan Striegler

1 Month Old Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies

Today, our Bernese Mountain Dog puppies are 1 month old, so I thought I would share my experience so far. I will write another post when the Bernese puppies go home with their new family.

This was our very first litter, and honestly, it was unexpected. We were planning on skipping Ellie’s first heat, but Finn managed to get to her once, and that’s all it took.

Ellie’s Pregnancy

As far as the pregnancy, it didn’t seem to bother Ellie. Her energy levels were down a bit, but that was the only real change besides the physical ones.

I mapped out the expected delivery date, and it was around August 22nd. I was supposed to be at a wedding that day, so I planned for my video guy to handle it for me. I was home with Ellie on a Wednesday, and she was going all over the house and trying to find a place to get comfortable. At one point, I had to get her out of our garden. I figured this was the start of nesting.


Eventually, she went back into our laundry room and stopped pacing. I went back to my computer and did some work. I don’t know how long I was there, but at one point, I heard a high pitch yelp.

I sprinted into the laundry room and found her bed shredded, blood on some sheets, and a puppy on the floor! I actually missed the first puppy being born. Crazy.

After that, I stayed with her for the next few hours and watch as the others were born. We got to number 4 and then it seemed like she was done. After waiting for 30 minutes or so, I gave up.

My wife and kids came home about an hour later and went in to see all the puppies. That’s when I heard my wife yell that another one was coming. It was a big gap, but we ended up with 5 Bernese Mountain Dog puppies. I still think that’s a smaller litter, but it was her first, so that can happen.

The Puppies

Since then, the puppies have lived in a plastic kiddie pool. Ellie comes and goes to feed them. They’ve been relatively quiet and easy to deal with. They are just now getting to playing with each other and really moving and walking.

Mother Bernese with Puppies in Kiddie Pool

The thing that I’ve loved watching the most is how quickly they change. With humans, it takes a long time for the child to develop. Within two weeks, the puppies eyes were open and they started interacting with us. I’m really starting to see personalities now!

Another great thing is how much the kids have enjoyed being around them. I’ve had to get onto them a few times about being safe, but overall, they have acted very mature.

We still have 4 weeks left with our puppies, and I can’t wait till I really get to play with them. I imagine the older they get the more we can play with them. I can’t wait for that, and I’ll make sure to get plenty of photos and video as they grow. To follow along, check out our Instagram or Facebook page.